Leapfin Revenue Platform

Our Financial Data Platform and Revenue Subledger serve as your single source of truth for financial data. Using "one place one schema", we unify and normalize your financial data into one single data schema. The business logic and intelligent layer of our platform automates transaction-level journal entry creation and reporting.
Our Financial Data Platform seamlessly integrates with your source systems to bring in data continuously. From invoice status changes to disputes and chargebacks, Leapfin will monitor, interpret, and reflect these changes over time.
Leapfin standardizes the different data schemas from your source systems into a collection of normalized transaction-related events and entities that have financial impact. We track every business event and link all of your financial records together into a single cohesive story for each story.
Our Revenue Subledger intelligently converts transaction-related business events into journal entries in accordance with GAAP. Leapfin automatically generates journal entries following the story of each transaction. Tracking every event and corresponding data change, Leapfin also ensures auditability at the transaction-level.
Leapfin's reports are based on transaction-level journal entries to enable the most detailed and accurate financial reporting, management reporting, and analytical/discrepancy research. Leapfin also allows locking to ensure historical periods do not change.

Leapfin is built to solve your toughest financial data problems

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable
  • Built to handle massive data volume the
    digital era
  • Multiple data repositories for various data
    accessing and processing use cases

100% Cloud Native

100% Cloud Native
  • Built to be horizontally scalable
  • Well-partitioned data storages for fast read-write
  • Optimized data structure for faster access and processing

Flexible Data Model

Flexible Data Model
  • Incorporates learnings from customers to
    accommodate diverse use cases
  • Future-proofed for business growth

Financial Record Graph

Financial Record Graph
  • Create and track the entire journey
    of a financial transaction
  • Link business events such as discounts
    to invoices and refunds to payments

Event-Driven Rule Design

Event-Driven Rule Design
  • Flexible rules to automate transaction-level
    journal entries based on business events
  • Easy-to-follow logic for easy audits and

Why modern finance teams choose Leapfin

Single Source of Truth
Even though the data you need come from different systems, Leapfin is the only place you need to do your work.
Scalable and Automated Processes
You no longer depend on Excel and CSV exports. Rely on a backoffice system that can handle any volume of transactions.
Real-Time Visibility
Have immediate and real-time access to your revenue numbers every single day of the month. Make data driven decisions and push your business forward.

Automate revenue recognition with Leapfin today.