Transaction Explosion
  • The rise of Internet and Mobile has created unprecedented distribution channels for businesses in all industries. Your total addressable market is no longer bounded by the physical proximity of customers, but instead it's potentially the 4 billion people who are connected to the Internet and Mobile.
New Business Models
  • The Internet Era has changed the fundamental behavior of consumers -- we want more for a lot less.
  • Enterprises must adopt to the new ways consumers want to buy. The rise of Subscription Economy, Freemium Economy, Microtransactions, and In-App Purchases have exponentially increased the complexity faced by finance and accounting organizations more than ever before.
Unbundling of ERP
  • The rise of the Cloud has greatly reduced the cost to build software. As a result, there are more specialized SaaS solutions than ever before, all solving their own unique problems. The down side? More data silos with no single source of truth.