Automate Data & Business Processes

Reduce manual, error-prone processes and increase team efficiency


Reduction in Month-End Close


Transactions Processed Monthly


Improvement in Team Productivity

Deliver business results better and faster

Streamline revenue recognition processes
  • On a daily basis, Leapfin automatically calculates revenue schedules, properly handles adjustments, and other complex revenue recognition tasks such as SSP reallocation, trigger-based recognition, and mid-cycle amendments.
Automated, transactional-level cash reconciliation
  • Match and reconcile millions of transactions. Connect the dots between your billing system and payment processors, so you have complete visibility from the original invoice to when cash hits the bank.
  • Easily view disputes/chargebacks, taxes, and fees on both summary and transactional level.
Effortless data collection
  • Seamlessly connect to any internal or external systems with finance-impacting data. Leapfin leverages secure API to import data, so you don’t need to worry about formatting data files for upload, cleaning data, and running PivotTables.
  • Leapfin is also built to scale with your business’s success, so there are no limits on transactional volume.
Eliminate intra-team dependencies
  • When processes are manual, cross-training is critical to ensure employee turnover or vacation does not delay timely reporting. With Leapfin’s business process automation, nothing can put a kink in your well-oiled machine.