Seamlessly adapt to changing regulatory landscape


Improvement in Audit Efficiency


Faster to ASC 606 Compliance


Visibility into GAAP Financials

Adhering to new guidance can be easy

Ensure compliance with GAAP and IFRS
  • Leapfin’s Rules Engine leverages technology to ensure every single transaction is properly treated in accordance to the latest GAAP and IFRS requirements.
  • Apply different sets of rules on the same set of data. Dual reporting and comparing differences have never been easier.
Simplify audits with technology-driven audit support
  • Leapfin’s Audit Timeline keeps record of every single data and accounting schedule change on a transaction level, so your auditors can get everything they need.
  • Our dedicated customer success team can also help manage PBC requests when custom requests are necessary.
Avoid restating financials
  • Leapfin’s automated data pipeline eliminates manual and error-prone spreadsheet processes so you don’t have to worry about fat finger mistakes and can minimize risk of material misstatement.
Proactively identify and monitor risk
  • Early detection is the key to avoiding errors in reporting. Leapfin surfaces exceptions and errors in real-time so you can proactively address problems before it’s too late.