Ensure Data Integrity

Ensure Data Integrity

Increase productivity and accelerate time to reporting


Reduction in Engineering Resources

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Manual Data Aggregation & Cleansing


Data Discrepancies & Redundancies

Improve the quality of data used in analysis and decrease time for data preparation

Never second-guess your data
  • Leapfin’s Unified Financial Data Platform ensures data integrity and data immutability. Once data is collected into our secure data warehouse, Leapfin cleans, validates, and standardizes data by eliminating any discrepancies and redundancies.
No risk of human-errors
  • Data integrity is frequently compromised by users of the data and is magnified when shared and edited throughout the organization. Leapfin unifies data from both internal and external sources through automated API-integrations, leaving no room for manual, spreadsheet-based errors.
  • Leapfin’s Review Items feature detects exceptions before they get posted and can alert you after surfacing bad data.
Keep track of every single change, without limits
  • Establish & monitor data integrity controls with Leapfin’s Audit Timeline. The Audit Timeline keeps record of every single change on a transaction level, and nothing is deleted.
Reduced reliance on internal engineering team
  • When internal IT resources are limited, Leapfin acts as a dedicated engineering team to clean, manage, and ensure data integrity.