Modernize Legacy Financial Systems

Modernize Legacy Systems

Transform your finance tech stack to match business growth


Simultaneous Reports on Leapfin


Transactions Processed Monthly


Unification of Financial Data Silos

Equip your finance team for dynamic business needs

Infinite scalability unbounded by volume
  • Whether you are processing 100 or 100 million transactions per month, Leapfin’s cloud based platform is built to scale with your business’s success.
Automate complex business processes
  • Deliver business results faster with streamlined revenue recognition and cash reconciliation processes. Automatically calculate complex revenue recognition rules and match invoices to payment settlements on transaction-level.
Future-proof business operations
  • New business initiatives, product launches, and acquisitions are a constant in hyper-growth companies. A modern system that adapts to these rapid changes is not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity. Don’t let Finance fall behind as your business grows.
One single source of truth
  • You have many data silos and none of these systems talk to each other. Leapfin leverages data from all sources and creates a single source of truth that is always accurate, always updated, and always right.
  • Seamlessly connect to internal or external software without worrying about formatting data files for upload, cleaning data, and running PivotTables.