Transaction-Level Reconciliation

Automatically reconcile every transaction at scale.


Reconcile every transaction across your siloed systems

Precise accounting for fees, disputes/chargebacks, and taxes

Proactively monitor revenue leakage

Accurately predict cash flow and real-time visibility into deposit-in-transit

Prevent and detect fraud

Automatically generate journal entries for the entire transaction journey from order-to-cash
  • Invoice issued
  • Payment charged & dunning
  • Processor fee deducted
  • Cash settled
  • Refunds & disputes

Lock historical periods so if a refund, dispute, or other adjustment hits a prior period, it is rolled forward into the most current open period.

Drill down into your summary order-to-cash journal entries
  • Transaction-level journal entries summarized into monthly journal entries that align with your general ledger chart of accounts.
  • Cut and slice your schedules based on any underlying data (e.g. membership type, region, subsidiary, or product) for better analysis.
  • Easily export Leapfin’s out-of-the-box reports or customize your own.
Track every change to every transaction
  • From schedule changes to data changes, see the account / amount / date that was impacted.
  • If internal data gets overwritten, check Leapfin’s history details to find out what happened.
Trust in our security and auditability
  • Have confidence in the security of Leapfin. We leverage industry standard security solutions and best practices. Leapfin is SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant.

Leapfin helped us reduce month-end close by at least 2 days by automating our cash reconciliation process.

Rebecca WangDirector of Finance @ Guideline

Reconcile every transaction at scale with Leapfin