Reduce Month-End Close Time

Improve operational efficiency without compromising accuracy


Reduction in Monthly Close Time

0 Hrs

Manual Data Reconciliation


Visibility into GAAP Financials

Deliver financial results to the Board with confidence

Trust that your month-end numbers are accurate
  • With Leapfin’s automated financial data pipeline, trust the accuracy of your numbers.
  • Avoid reopening the books after month-end due to manual errors.
Real-time access to accurate, relevant financial schedules
  • Automated revenue schedules (recognized revenue, deferred revenue, bad debt, etc) are updated daily and can be customized for your company’s reporting. 
  • Take corrective action as soon as possible, don’t just wait until month-end.
  • Allow more time for cross-functional teams to provide information, and reduce the stress of impending deadline.
Automate manual, repetitive, error-prone processes
  • Leapfin integrates with source systems so you don’t need to worry about manual errors when pulling from .csv exports.
  • Streamline complex accounting processes (SSP reallocation, trigger-based recognition, mid-cycle amendments, etc) and define custom revenue recognition rules specific for your business.
Less time researching breaks
  • With Leapfin’s transactional-level reconciliations, you can easily surface the specific transactions that are causing breaks.
  • Reduce the need to dig through clustered Excel spreadsheets and slowdowns in the reconciliation process.