Revenue Allocation

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Manual Data Aggregation & Cleansing

Empower Finance to be a partner for Sales and Product innovation

Allocating contract value based on stand-alone selling price
  • Leapfin's Automation Rules Engine fully automates the complex bundled contracts that Sales wants to do, from unbundling, SSP lookup, and revenue reallocation with pinpoint accuracy.
Proactively monitor COGS and gross margins
  • Allocating and recognizing COGS to the proper revenue items are equally important. Leapfin fully automates your COGS recognition and provide insights into your gross margins.
Partners and commissions payouts
  • Your partners and teams are dependent on you. Don’t let them wait while you aggregate data and calculate payouts with PivotTables. Leapfin helps you automatically figure out payouts so there is no scrambling at month-end.
Tax allocation
  • Easily build tax reports by locations, customers, or revenue streams. Don't overpay your tax obligations when you don't need to.