Confidence in your financials. Trust your decisions.

Leapfin delivers 100% confidence in your GAAP financials with real-time visibility.

Accurate finance data is the foundation of your business system infrastructure.

Can you afford to make strategic decisions around the business with finance data you don't trust?

Business initiatives

Improve Accuracy in Financial Results

Integrate and validate data from multiple sources and make confident decisions based on accurate financial and operating results.

Streamline Operational Efficiencies

Empower your team to solve your businesses greatest problems. Remove them from time consuming, spreadsheet-driven manual tasks, and data validations.

Your Role

Close the books by day 3 with 100% transparency. Audit trails for data, metadata, and changes provides visibility from report to source.

Direct integration to any open GL/ERP system through powerful pre-built integration connectors with drill back and drill through capabilities.

Make confident decisions based on accurate financial and operating results.

Why leverage a finance data platform like Leapfin?


Ensure your finance system scales with your business

You might've already tried to force feed transactional data into your ERP, or "franken-stitch" a solution using a data lake and business intelligent tool, but neither works very well. You need to focus on your company’s growth with new products, countries, and business models.

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We’re a high transaction volume marketplace with multiple PSPs and complex datasets. Leapfin is integral to our ability to scale.

Joe Blanchett

Sr Product Manager, Finance Systems



Have confidence in your GAAP financials

Ensuring accurate revenue numbers is a tough job, and massive data volume makes it even harder. Trust your revenue numbers with ease and pass your audits with 100% confidence.

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We could not drill in deep enough to see individual transactions. Now we go into Leapfin to look at the detail level.

Emily Eagon, CPA




Trust your decisions with on-demand granularity

IPO-readiness, audits, and company growth all fall on your shoulders. You need a solution that can generate accurate financial analyses that you need on-demand, so you can have confidence in your decisions.

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I was impressed that Leapfin did exactly what it claimed it would. It gives us so much more visibility over our GAAP numbers.

Damien Singh

Chief Financial Officer

Learn how Canva increased accuracy of revenue reporting while reducing month-end close by 90%

Leapfin Revenue Platform is flexible and adapts to your unique business needs.