One place one schema for your finance data

These are some of our prebuilt API-integrations.

Payment Processors

Bring in and normalize transaction-level data,format,format,format,format,format,format,format,format,format

Coming soon

Buy Now, Pay Later

Give your customers the flexibility without making it more difficult for your team,format

Coming soon,format

Coming soon,format

Coming soon


Access transaction-level reporting on a daily basis so you can reconcile sales to cash receipts,format,format

Billing & Order Management

Integrate your billing system and OMS to gain real-time visibility from invoice to payment,format,format,format,format

Coming soon

Cloud Storage

Streamline your financial data pipeline from various cloud storage sources,format,format

Internal Data Sources

Connect with internal data sources such as enterprise data warehouse,format,format
Note: Leapfin is flexible and can integrate with your internal systems. Talk to sales to learn more.

BI & Reporting

Layer your BI and reporting tools over Leapfin's open architecture to get accurate and precise insights to power critical business decisions,format,format,format,format
Note: Leapfin’s secure data access capabilities supports integrations with many BI tools, talk to sales to learn more.

General Ledger & ERP

Supplement your general ledger with an intelligent Revenue Subledger for easy journal entry posting,format,format,format,format

We are constantly adding new integrations to this list

If you don't see an integration here that you need submit a request.